Zhi Xuan comes from a divorced family from Shanghai. Since the age of eight, Zhi Xuan learned drawing at weekends. Under many disagreements in middle and high school, she still insists her dream of art. In 2012, Zhi Xuan Zhang met a Chinese actor Xu Zheng's mother in the street of Shanghai. She told her about the working experience in Paris when she was young, which led Zhi Xuan Zhang to the road of studying abroad. In 2013, Zhang left to Shenzhen for one year alone to study in New York. In 2016, Zhi Xuan Zhang took a leaving of absence to concentrate on the Shikumen project. She asked the preservation expert, Ruan Yisan, about Shikumen issue and even his effort was limited. Zhi Xuan’s feet did MRI after shooting because of walking too much. Her work was presented as a group show in New York and a solo show in Washington. In 2017 summer, Zhi Xuan met Korean video art master Nam June Paik's relative at Rubin Museum. The female comedian Esther Goodhart told her to insist on her own voice. In 2018, Zhi Xuan dropped from SVA with many MFA classes taken. Her neck waist, joints, feet and eyes all had problem. In October 2018, she met Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke in the street and asked many questions about film. She currently has a book plan on analyzing topics such as classical Chinese poetry in film perspective and it was appreciated by the director at the Film at Lincoln Center. Zhang Yu from An Elephant Sitting Still is going to act in her film. Artist Zhang Dali has agreed to use his citation as a line of the script. She has serious neck problem and her feet may need to do an operation.