Songs based on Shikumen culture 關於石庫門的音樂

Some Shikumen residents sing songs based on Shikumen culture. Even in the Shikumen in Wuhan, old people in alleys sing the “Four Seasons Song” to express their feelings.

Here are songs based on films in old Shanghai. The list below is the names of the movies. Zhi Xuan Zhang is also currently interested in film preservation for old Chinese films.

1. “New Woman” from the movie New Woman (1935)

2. “Four Seasons Song” from the movie Street Angel (1937)

3. “The Wandering Songstress” from the movie Street Angel (1937)

4. “Rose, Rose, I Love You” from the movie Singing Girl (1940)

5. “Age of Blossom” from the movie An All-Consuming Love (1947)



1. 《新的女性》,來自電影《新女性》(1935)

2. 《四季歌》,來自電影《馬路天使》(1937)

3. 《天涯歌女》,來自電影《馬路天使》(1937)

4. 《玫瑰玫瑰我愛你》,來自電影《天涯歌女》(1940)

5. 《花樣的年華》,來自電影《長相思》(1947)