From Shanghai, China.

Born in 1995, Tainjin. In 1997, Zhi Xuan Zhang moved to Shanghai with her family.

In 2013, Zhi Xuan Zhang moved alone to the southern city of China, Shenzhen, to chase her dream of studying art in New York. Her photography work for application was featured in 2015 on the Match factory . 

In 2016, Zhi Xuan Zhang took a leave of absence from school to concentrate on the Shanghai Shikumen project and taught herself the basic of Chinese philosophy, History of Shanghai Cinema and Chinese Medicine. 

In 2017 spring, the photography department chair refused her taking MFA classes and let her transfer to Visual and Critical Studies program. 

In 2017 fall, because of the divorce of her parents and the rejection of her father to pay the tuition fee, Zhi Xuan Zhang could not wait for the alumni scholarship in senior year and dropped the school in 2018.                  


2014-2015   School of Visual Arts, BFA Photography

2017           School of Visual Arts, BFA Visual and Critical Studies (no actual courses in this program)


Solo Exhibition:

2018          Cheryl Sallee Gallery, City of Auburn, WA