Introduction of Shikumen

Shikumen came from the migration after the Small Swords Rebellion and the Taiping Revolution in 1853. The word “shikumen” means “Stone Warehouse Gate”. Shikumen contain a traditional Chinese courtyard and decoration of Western styles such as Art Deco.

Shikumen plays an important role in Chinese history. The former Jewish Ghettos and residences of writers, actors, and revolutionaries were formed in Shikumen. Many Shanghainese films in the 20th century chose Shikumen as the scenes. 

The Current Condition of Shikumen

The Shikumen which are related to the Communist Party were preserved as exhibition centers and became tourist destinations. Also, the commercial Shikumen became popular, such as "Xintiandi" redesigned by Benjamin Wood and the renovated "Tianzifang". However, a large number of traditional Shikumen neighborhoods are disappearing. 

Xintiandi Area, Shanghai, 2016

Xintiandi Area, Shanghai, 2016